Kalli-kalli kindergarten fees

The monthly fee depends on in which local municipality the family is registered and if the conditions for getting the subsidy are fulfilled. 
NB! The below fee is the final sum the parent has to pay and from it the subsidy is already deducted.

garten group
Daycare group Daycare group
Daycare group
Daycare group

5 days per week
5 days per week
4 days per week
3 days per week
2 days per week

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Rae vald*8080706559
Viimsi vald390390325265205

* In case the child has not been offered a spot in the municipal kindergarten.

The food cost per day is  4 euros per day.

Tallinn compensates the food cost of the child  2.70 euros per day for children under 3 years and 3 euros per day for the children over 3 years.

The income tax 20% of the kindergarten fees paid will be refunded by the Tax Board.

If more than one child from a family attends the kindergarten every next child will have a discount of 10% of the monthly fee.

For applying a spot in one of our international classes please fill in the application here:

Application Kalli-kalli Uus-Veerenni