On September 4, 2023 Kalli-kalli  kindergarten opened its new building in Uus-Veerenni residential quarter. The owner and builder of the kindergarten building is Merko Ehitus Eesti.

In the new building there are four daycare groups to our smallest kids and six kindergarten groups. Many groups have their own specialty so that every family can find an educational environment which best meets the needs of their child.  In addition to Estonian groups we opened an English group as well as an English-Estonian and an Estonian-English language immersion groups. We also opened a Montessori group in cooperation with the Estonian Montessori Association https://www.montessorieesti.ee.

Kalli-kalli Uus-Veerenni kindergarten will also become a community center of the Uus-Veerenni residential quarter where we shall offer various services to families including a diverse choice of hobby groups to children as well as to adults, rooms for children’s birthday parties, summer kindergarten service and summer camps for children. We also have play therapist and psychologist services as well as a speech therapist’s cabinet.  If you wish to register your child to the kindergarten please fill in the application here.